Friday, February 16, 2007

Your dad is a wanted man! Yep, it is a true story, but in this case he is wanted alive. Some headhunter dude(a person who was hired by this company to find the man they need) back in Cambridge Massachusetts contacted your dad this week and said that he has been looking for someone to work for a computer company called "Shared Insights". Someone who used to work at Novell recommended Kim, and this guy has done some research on the web, and decided that Kim is the man for the Job. They want to make him Executive Vice President. Problem is, we don't have any desires in our hearts to move to Massachusetts. And there is also the problem of Grandpa Groneman, and the fact that I am the one person in my side of the family that is the most available to help with problems like we just had with my dad needing medical help and someone needed to be with my mom while it happened. Keith and Garth both support their families, so they are working. Ann has her job (and she is saving for JaLyns mission), Kathy has been called to be a church service missionary and spends between 8-30 hours a week at the MTC,(one of her jobs being teaching missionaries who don't know how to read, how to read in 2 weeks). She also is spending much of her day with Micheal who has been going though a barrage of medical testing trying to figure out what his problem is, to no avail! Yesterday, they about took him into surgery because the Lymph nodes (?) in his groin was so swollen it is cutting off circulation to his leg. So that leaves me to help my folks. Ann did help for a few hours when she wasn't working and she did stay the night with mom while dad was in the hospital...but still. If we were would create problems here with our aging parents.
Kim told the headhunter, he didn't feel he could move back to Massachusetts with the family circumstances being what they are here. The headhunter said, well, what if I would convince them to let you telecommute from Utah. Kim said that would be great (and it would be to be making Massachusetts Executive wages while living in Utah) But it is very unlikely that this company is going to buy that one. But hey, it is nice to know that if Novell is ever CRAZY enough to lay off Kim, that there are other corporations out there that would love to get him.
I have been telling Kim for many years that he is really good...and here is an impartial judge saying the same thing. He says he hates it when I am right, but I tell him that he should be used to it BY NOW :)


Cambrie said...

That's right-- my dad is awesome. that would be great if they would let you telecommute. I vote for that. Then you could be rich and take us all on exotic trips more often!

Christa said...

Sounds very tempting to me-- especially since Novell isn't exactly known for its job security or retirement packages. How fun to be sought out for a high-paying job! Why doesn't that ever happen to me?

Marilyn said...

Christa, what are you talking about? Those little guys are always seeking you out, and while they don't pay much now, the long term benefits are out of this world!! :)