Thursday, February 08, 2007

Goodbye Ontario
Tonight is our last night sleeping in Ontario California. Tomorrow is moving day -- buckets of fun. I just love hauling everything I own down 3 flights of stairs and watching it get haphazardy (sp?) put in a Uhaul and hope that it all survives the transport without too much damage and then unloading part of it into the bedroom at Steve's parent's house, part of it into their garage, and part of it into their neighbors garage. we will be staying with the nelsons until we find a place to live. it will be a max of 2 months

i dont think our computer will be hooked up, so i dont know how often we will be blogging


Kim said...

Phones still keep us informed. Any luck at all on the finding your own place to live?

Christa said...

I have great compassion for you guys. I hate moving! Good luck! Happy house hunting!

Marilyn said...

Well, you probably will never read this since you are in the process of moving as I type. Hope all goes well!!