Sunday, February 18, 2007

So, from our phone conversation with grandpa tonight found out that Grandpa is worse off than we thought. He didn't even sound like himself. Our conversation went something like this:
Cambrie and Steve: "Grandpa! this is Cambrie and Steve-- how are you doing?"
Grandpa "hey kids, I'm doing ok"
"we hear you had a pretty nasty fall"
"yes, it was nasty all right"
"how ar you feeling"
"I'm doing ok"
"so we hear you are having surgery tomorrow"
"um.. no, where did you hear that? I'm not having surgery.. .are you sure you're talking to the right person?"
"well who is this?"
"Jack ...... Jack Banner"
"oh, sorry .... wrong grandpa... and wrong Jack. But we hope you are doing well too!!! get better soon!"
"ok, good luck finding your grandpa!"

I'm glad that it wasn't grandpa afterall because it sure didn't sound like him!! Turns out he was in room 173 (not 171) oops.

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