Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So, Cambrie, I hear that it is 83 degrees in LA today. Are you cooking too? It is 51 here.
So, I thought that I would jump on here and tell you all of the wonderful and illustrious events that are a part of our lives....
So, now that I am done with that ....I guess that I will share some of Buffy and Cambries plans, so that I can say that I contribute to the blog.
Breanna plans on becoming a California girls this summer! Yeah, she wants so get out of Utah Valley for a while, and she likes the idea of making more money, and playing with Kiera...so she is going to move in with Cambrie and Steve for the summer, and she'll babysit one day a week while Cambrie goes to work, and then work as a CNA herself. She should be able to make a whole lot more money there than she can here, so theoretically, she COULD come home with alot more money. Of course, beings that one of her greatest talents is spending money, this may not be the case. But she will hopefully get rid of the urge to get out of Utah Valley, forever!!! And ever! And always!
So, Cambrie. You said that you were going to moving in with Steves folks for 2 months. Won't that make Breanna's arrival right when you would be moving? If so, heck yeah! Breanna loves to help move/tend while those she loves moves, right BJ?
The moral to this story is, if you don't want mom to spill your news, you better spill it yourself! (PS, for those of you wondering, no, BJ did not leave instructions not to share this info!)


Cambrie said...

yes, it is beautiful here. Nice weather.

Speaking off buff coming. I bought a bed for her to sleep in. $50 off of craigs list and it is a trundle bed too. I did good.

BUFFY said...

I'm way excited and yes...i can definatly help cambrie and steve move :-)