Friday, February 02, 2007

Useful Tool
I put a Mailinator link over there on the left. <------ Any time a web site (or anyone for that matter) asks for your email address but you don't really want to give it out, just make up an mailinator email address. When Mailinator receives and email for that address, it creates the account and stores the can check their web site for it then forget it. It's also useful for knowing who signs you up for spam. For example, I can just make up an email address like If I go check that out and it has spam, I know it has been pulled from this blog. Just thought I'd share in case you folks hate spam (the email the other kind) as much as I do and get nervous when someone asks for your email address and you know you'll probably not be doing business with them again (one time shot).

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Marilyn said...

good idea dear. Thanks