Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Here are some of our pictures we had taken today. Kiera was alot more cooperative this time.
News: I got a part time job working at a nursing home. I start on tuesday. Kiera will have to get used to Buff or Steve putting her to bed.
I did a CPR challenge course today where basically I pay the money to take the test to prove I know my stuff and don't have to take the class again. It was the silliest test though-- most of the answers were "call 911" but the funny thing is: I am 911. I kept pointing this out to the guy who was overseeing my test and trying to verify that I had the correct test and was going to get the correct certification but he assured me it was correct. So I guess if I'm ever working as a nurse in a hospital and my patient's heart stops, I'll just call 911 : )

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Kim said...

You have a great little family! Kiera is so cute I wanna give her some hugs. You lucky dogs!