Thursday, June 21, 2007

Anyone want to make $100.00 per day? So, Grandpa is going downhill. His physical therapist left off coming a week ago because he didn't feel it was needed anymore. We are still taking him on walks (it takes about 35 minutes to walk to our house, past about 6-7 other houses and back again because he has to stop and rest about every 5 minutes.) He says that he is still doing his physical therapy exercises (but do we trust him when he says he took his meds when we can see that he didn't?) At anyrate, we have figured out that we cannot take him up to reservation ridge with us, as there aren't any level places to take him walking, and if he doesn't go walking for a week, as quickly as he is loosing his strength, I don't think he would be able to regain his mobility. Yesterday, he fell. Luckily, he was inside at the time and he fell sideways on to his chair, so he was not hurt. I am trying to get his physical therapist to start coming again. There really isn't a reason why he shouldn't be able to. Just got to get his Dr to authorize it.
So, what we need is someone to come in for 3-4 days. Make sure he gets breakfast with his morning meal. Either call him(and tell him to take his pill with a bananna, or take him some fresh fruit to have his lunch pill with, take him on a walk, and fix his dinner and make sure he takes his dinnertime pills with it. And then , perhaps, check on him around 7 to see if he is ok. I don't think it will work with the boys work schedules...but I thought I would ask. We have checked with Trinity Mission. It would cost 150 dollars a day for them to take him, and you have to do SO much to get it approved, I don't think we would be able to do it in time, and he would hate it anyway, as he wants to be here. If you boys can't do it...I will ask some neighbors.
This would be somewhere in the zone of June 28-July 7 while we do reservation ridge. Obviously, I won't be able to be up there, except for the time that someone else has Jack here. Kim is ready to put him into a care center permanently, so we don't have to deal with this always. Jack is very trying for Kim anyway, and Saundra just says, her whole family is coming to Reservation Ridge, and she won't be bothered with her dad at all that week (even though, part of that time, is supposed to be hers according to our agreed upon system that she will take him every 2nd weekend) I understand this is her vacation/and family reunion. But it is Kims vacation time also, and he NEEDS a break from his dad. This is part of why I wasn't keen on the idea of taking him in the first place. But it is what everyone thought needed to happen.

On the Bright side! Kim is doing better every day with his shoulder! And for the first time in about 6 months the last two mornings he has slept until 5-6 am!!! The shoulder isn't as sore, and his C-Pap machine for his sleep Apnea is really helping him to sleep better. He has graduated to sleeping with 7 pillows (so he can sleep on an angle instead of flat...which is helping him to not have hip pain and shoulder life is getting better for Kim! This is a much needed blessing in his life. So I am excited for him. Life is miserable when you are exhausted all the time and in much pain all the time too.


Christa said...

Isn't there any sort of respite care provider that can come to him for a couple of days? If not, I'm sure a local 15 year old or stay-at-home mom would jump at the chance of making $100 a day-- I know I would! I'm sorry Grandpa isn't doing better. He probably misses having Benjamin to play with.

Marilyn said...

Yeah, he does miss Benjamin. But then, who doesn't?
I talked to his Home Health care nurse, and she came over. His BP was 90/60 after I was really pushing for him to drink more water today. He actually got about 1 liter down today, which for him is great! But still his BP was low. I did get the approval for the Physical therapist to come 2 times a week, for awhile to see if that helps. Problem is, Medicare doesn't pay for assistance (like the phys therapist) with a person who isn't making progress. So if he doesn't move towards getting not needing his assistance, then they won't continue to pay.

Marilyn said...

BJ is thinking that she will probably come and take care of him, but she has to talk to her employer tomorrow AM about it.

Marilyn said...

BJ is going to come and take care of him. Grandpa is going to pay for the cost of her gas in addition to the $100.00/day. He is excited that BJ is coming here to take care of him. That beats the crud out of his going elsewhere, where he won't be able to have his physical therapy etc. Thanks to BUFF for making everyone happy!

BUFFY said...

Hey, I'm happy myself. I'll earn lots more money than I normally would in a week and I'll get to spend some time with grandpa and with other people there in utah. I'm super excited to come up and excited at the prospect of not having to pay for my gas like i originally thought i was going to be. Thanks for letting me know mom :-)