Friday, June 01, 2007

You wouldn't think that you would have to worry about getting scammed at the grocery store, but you do. If it was not for the fact that Buff was with me today at the store, the checker would have scammed me out of $36.00 As the checker was scanning my items I made my cost prediction to Buff. Then, when she was done I paid with credit card

Total: $103.00 (press yes or no)

I pressed yes and as my big long receipt was printing Breanna said "whoa whoa whoa-- wait a second, how did it suddenly get to be $121? No kidding-sure-enough the checker had punched in that I bought 4 of my most expensive item (instead of 1) in the seconds after I had pressed the yes button and it had added it on in the time between yes and my receipt printing. I got a refund and came home upset about it and got on the blog to tell the world about it. I had written the first paragraph of this when I decided to consult my receipt for actual numbers to put on the blog.
Upon further scrutiny of my receipt, I discovered that I had been charged for a whole slew of things that I never bought: cabbage, to-fu, etc.. So I went back to the store to get a refund. The manager watched the video and it turns out that my Hispanic checker didn't charge the Hispanic customer in front of me for her groceries: they just got added on to my bill. Whether or not she did it on purpose is debatable, but considering the other incident in the last seconds of my transaction, I think she did both on purpose.
Lesson to us all: check your receipts to make sure you only pay for what you bought.


Chad said...

Man, that's too bad. My thought is that the system shouldn't allow any charges other than what it presents to you. If something gets left off, it should present another total cost to you after it is added in and make you confirm that.

That being said, how would the checker benefit from overcharging you? Wouldn't that money just go straight to the store?

Cambrie said...

probably. Maybe it just made her feel good to overcharge a rich white girl. Or, it is possible it was just an honest mistake (actually, 2 mistakes).

Kim said...

I guess it always pays to check your receipt. The sad fact is, I rarely take the time. Unfortunately, from your description, it sounds like you were the victim of some racial discrimination. What did the manager say to you?

Cambrie said...

just gave me my $ back and told me that the video showed that the clerk never finished the transaction with the previous customer

Marilyn said...

So are they going to get rid of that employee, I would hope?

Kim said...

I would think the manager would have apologized profusely! If he took the cavalier attitude Cambrie portrays, the manager should be fired.