Friday, June 22, 2007

So I went to the doctor and the doctor like a monkey and stretch that shoulder by jumping on the bed. Got my stitches out this AM. Don't miss 'em. My Orthopedist (that sounds like I'm doing name dropping at a cocktail party) said that why someone gets adhesive capsulitis like mine is totally unknown. Now all the guck is cleaned out and he's ripped the adhesiveness all I can do is to excercise and stretch it......and it may still come back and I may still lose range of motion. I'm going to physical three times a week, but our insurance will only pay for 20 visits/year (and I've already been 11 times). I have a pulley rigged up in my office I can reach up and pull my arm out multiple times a day. I use door frames and most anything else to stretch my arm. I still only have about 30% of rotation ability even after the surgery. At least now when I do something stupid (like try to spin a Bocci ball?) the pain of all the sins of mankind doesn't attack my shoulder. He said in 4 more weeks he'll probably give me another cortizone shot. Anyway, enough junk, I'm going camping in 5 more days!!!!! That's what's important!


Chad said...

You have 3 weeks more of therapy then, right? Hmm... Don't do anything else that'll require P.T. then.

I want to go camping... Not sure when I'll be able to come up.

Cambrie said...

well, at least surgery is overwith. Have fun camping....but not too much without us