Sunday, June 24, 2007

So we thought it would be fun to squeeze in a little camping trip before Brigham started his residency on the 22nd. Monday we packed up and headed to Bandolier National Monument-- about 2 hours from our place. We enjoyed feeling very camperish as we arrived, set up our tent, and ate lunch. At nap time we started getting our first hints that maybe things were not going to be as pleasant as we'd planned. Jacob cried and cried and refused to nap, so we eventually gave up and decided to go for a hike to see the cool Indian ruins there. Jacob enjoyed the first 10 minutes or so in the backpack, and then decided that he hated it. He screamed bloody murder after that-- no matter what we did. Then Benjamin tripped on the path and scraped up his knee. So then we had two screaming kids and people looking at us like we were abusive. We eventually abandoned the hike and went to McDonalds in Los Alamos for ice-cream. That went well enough. We had fun roasting hot dogs for dinner, but soon thereafter had to put Jacob to bed. Of course he didn't like the idea... To make a long story short, after enduring Jacob crying several times and trying to sleep on a half-inflated air bed with our bums touching the ground (our new one is too big to fit inside the tent fully inflated), we decided to have compassion on our fellow campers and leave. So we pulled everything down and headed home at midnight. I felt bad about giving up, but seeing the mess that Jacob was the next morning, I'm not sure it was the wrong decision! Oh-- we did take our black light with us, but unfortunately we found no scorpions. I think it will be awhile before I get the urge to go camping again!

You can see pictures of our brief ordeal by clicking on our photo link. Also check out the pictures of what Jacob was up to before church this morning. Arrrgh!


Cambrie said...

wow-- what a camping trip. sounds miserable. That is incentive to not take kiera camping. She can't even handle sleeping in a different bed across the room.

Kim said...

Yessiree. I remember packing up at midnight at Burraston ponds and also up at the mountain for some little BUG that wouldn't quit crying. I remember taking turns with yer mom and grandma up at Flaming Gorge all night trying to keep you quiet. What goes around, comes around. Looks fun! I would LOVE to go camping there. I wanna go camping with my boys too! Too bad you had to leave. I left some comments on some of your pictures.