Monday, June 04, 2007

I am having compassion for the Dastrups as they are traveling for 10 hours or so in the car with 2 little guys who will want to know if they are there yet after the first 10 minutes. Reminds me of the one day we did in Belgium to Garmish Germany ...11 hours of driving with 5 kids. Not fun. We should have a moment of silence and prayer for the Dastrups, who, in all of their busies of moving forgot to bring along the car adaptor for the DVD player, and thus, Baby Einstein can't help them either. Truely a day of mourning for the Dastrup clan. I thought we should lend our support in this time of need.

We hope that the move on the N.Mexico end is smooth so that they can rejoin our conversations on the Blog and put on new pictures, for all of us to enjoy, of their new spacious place!

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Kim said...

For anyone interested, we heard from Brigham. They made it without problem. [relief!]