Thursday, June 14, 2007

I got a surprise in my email today from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science! Look who it is! It's BENJAMIN! Wow. How fun. His picture came all the way from New Mexico to my computer in Utah!

And now an update about my shoulder for anyone that cares. I went back to the surgeon and he showed me all the things he did. He said the surgery shows I have classic adhesive capsulitis (sp?) and that there was some thingy in my shoulder that was partially torn away from the bone but not all the way so was borderline needing to be fixed so he didn't as he thinks it will heal faster that way. I don't get my stitches out for another week :-( but start intensive physical therapy tomorrow.


Chad said...

How's Alb's Natural History museum compared to the one in Baltimore? Does it have anything the Baltimore museum didn't?

Christa said...

The science center in Baltimore was way better-- it had a great kids' room. The Natural History museum here had a big section on the history of computers (since Microsoft got its start right here in Albuquerque), and that's where the postcard was from. I think all you computer nerds would probably enjoy it. It may be unfair to compare the two museums since Jacob was tired and cranky the whole time we were there yesterday, but I still think the one in Baltimore was much bigger, newer, and cooler.

Dad-- good luck with the therapy! We hope it's not too painful!

Kim said...

Thanks bug.