Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Where is Dad camping in case I want to go up there for a day or more? HERE. Saundra wanted to go back to our old camp spot this year and since she's lucky and is getting her ENTIRE FAMILY to come (Kert from Colorado, Steven is taking his vacation, etc. etc) I acquiesced. If you want to contact us while there, I'll try to drive to the edge of the hill where I get a cell signal each day and check my voicemail. 801-376-4419 is my cell number. I'm going up today, Mom is coming up Sunday or Monday. Be back on 7th or 8th (just before your mother's birthday). ATVs and sleeping quarters/foams/etc are waiting for those that come. I plan on killing a lot of bugs with my zapper!


Christa said...

Have fun and post pictures when you get back!

Marilyn said...

BTW, boys. Kim got up there yesterday and discovered that our old place to camp had already been taken. :) We were actually hoping this would be the case, so we are in last years location...but Brett has never been there. Basically (if I remember right) you take the left at the top that takes you to "Tummy jerker hills", pass that and take your 2nd left, follow the road till it ends. YOu won't see our camp until you are upon it, as it is behind some trees. Brett call me.