Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jacob has a new word!! "Cow!" It's really cute to hear him say it, but I don't know if it is actually a true word because I don't know that he knows what it means. But it sure is darling to hear him say it! And with Moo around, he probably hears it enough to have it be a real word!

Today we went to our new ward for the first time. Jacob was thrilled to have new toys in nursery and had no problem adjusting. The great thing is that his nursery leader actually worked with children with special needs before having children of her own! Benjamin was very reluctant to go to his new class, but afterwards he said that the kids in his class were "super nice" and that he had made a new friend. He didn't know his name, but when Brigham asked if he could tell us what he looks like, he said, "Yes! He had on a really great shirt!" We will work on finding out his name next week... We were pleased with the overall experience-- people were very friendly with Brigham and myself as well.

We continue to love living in this great big palace! We feel very spoiled! We hope you will all come and check it out for yourselves soon!


Kim said... you gotta get a recording of him saying "cow". I can imagine it and it sounds cute in my mind so I need to hear the real thing.

Chad said...

Ditto. Video would be best, if you can get that.

It's good to know someone who has a bit of understanding will be helping Jacob. And I'll have to remember to wear a really great shirt next time I see Benjamin.

Kim said...

Yea, Benjamin knows all about cool shirts. When I wore my "fish" shirt he told me "Hey grandpa, cool shirt!"

Cambrie said...

Go Jacob!! new words, new toys, new home. Great stuff.

Marilyn said...

wow! sounds like that nursery leaders call was inspired, just for you! Nice to see that the Lord is taking care of you some-more
Christa's first word was Da-ie (doggie), and with Benjamin's favorite toy being a cow, it is easy to see how Jacob could have been brainwashed into thinking it was an item of true interest.