Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hey! Who's Going? Check the Groneman Family Calendar (along with the reviews page, the joke page, and the wishlist page). Our annual Jack Groneman reunion will, again, be held at Reservation Ridge. This year, on Saundra's wish, we're going to our old camp (if it's available). We *WILL* have ATVs available to fact, this year we should have 3 and we'll be trading off with Saundra/Randy so everyone will be able to ride. I'll be there over 2 weekends (including Brigham's Birthday....we'll have a moment of silence for you) and the full week in between so you can come up for a day, or for a few days or the entire time. Of course we'll have our electric fly swatters so there will never be a dull moment. Bring a friend if you want. You in?


Brett said...

Probably not for the whole thing. I'll hopefully make it up for a few days of it.

Kim said...

That would be great!