Tuesday, October 30, 2007

GRONEMAN ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY. and THANKSGIVING. I know mom mentioned it in another thread, but just in case anyone missed it, the Groneman Christmas party (yea, the one with Saundra and her crew) will be at our house on Saturday, December 22nd at 6:00 pm for those of you with the inclination to attend. Lots of good food, and as always, lots of good fun. I have some new things to do this year I think you will find fun. We'll also host Thanksgiving if anyone will come. RSVP for both please. Also...keep watch on the "wish list" blog...I see there have been recent updates and the elves are watching.


BUFFY said...

i can't come to either. I'll be working.

Christa said...

We can't be there either.

Brett said...

Thanksgiving I'll likely be working 'til 2:00 ish (can't remember) but I'm coming after that. I'll ask for the Christmas one off too.

My complication will be that I'm hoping that my employment will change, and if it does, I don't know what to expect for schedules.