Friday, October 05, 2007

What an amazing family! That's all I can reallly say. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, to be marrying a boy who is worthy and full of goodness and helps me be my best self. I think I had in the back of my head some worries about what my future in-laws would be like and how I would fit in with them, but now that I'm here, I couldn't ask for more! I feel like part of the family already, like my mom says, "It feels like it's always been." What a blessing!

Christa and Brigham, it means so much that with your busy schedules you would come all the way up to Utah, in part, to meet me. Thank you!!! :)


Cambrie said...

the most amazing is yet to come! (j/k)
Too bad we won't get to meet you most likely until the day that you actually become part of the family.

Kim said...

Your best self. Nice. Can I see your mediocre and worst self before the deal is finalized? (JUST KIDDING!!!!) That was my best self too. Really. I'm not kidding.

Cambrie said...

Hey Erica-- do you realize that we went to Lone Peak together? I was sure that your name and face were very familiar, but my cousin Malesa Weber pointed out that you went to Lone Peak and it's all clicking now.

Stevo said...

The most important question you should be asking is if you're going to be tied for least or most favorite daughter-in-law?

Brigham and I could give you some pointers:)