Saturday, October 27, 2007

So, the Dastrups will be arriving for Chad's wedding on 12 in the evening. And they have to leave Saturday morning. And we won't be together for Christmas. And Christa thinks we should have a party...and I agree. So, for those who can come, we are going to do a family dinner and party of sorts on Dec 13th. Chad, I know that you aren't peachy king about the date. I know that you think that you will be busy and will want to get to bed early. 2 things to remember there: First, you are talking about us Groneman's running this party. It will not be late. We will shut it down by probably 9:30-10 pm, but if you wanted to leave before then, that would be fine. Second, even if you do get to bed early, I can just about guarantee you won't go to sleep early. Remember the anticipation of Christmas morning making it difficult to sleep? Well, a wedding is bigger than Christmas.... Also, if you want to, you can plan ahead to have everything done...remember that you were first going to do this Nov 14th? It would have had to be done by then if you had left it there. And you have to eat dinner somewhere anyway. Really, with both the Luncheon and the Reception being done at reception centers, there shouldn't be that much left to do at the last minute. The day I got married (and we were doing our own receptions work) I got up that morning and there was nothing to do, so I swept the floor. I thought, "Geez, this isn't what I envisioned doing on my wedding day...." I think you will have a couple of hours to spare with us that evening if you want to be there.
We will do a White Elephant exchange, any gift exchanges between siblings etc, and Christa and Brett could you come up with an activity each? Brett, with Katy's help I am hoping it won't be a burden with school, but if it is, let me know. Also, Benjamin wasn't really interested in bashing poor Bambi the pinata last year. I am wondering if we should do that too. Comments people? Do you adults want to have a pinata or not? Cambrie, I am wondering, if it doesn't appear that you Nelsons and BJ will be coming together because of Steves unbending dental schedule, then you could come with BJ and be here earlier for this? I will leave you people to figure that out, but we would love to have you of course. Especially since after all of our fun plans of being together at Dastrups for Christmas this year, that we won't be together at all.
Feedback is requested with this folks. ...


Chad said...

Umm... No. That doesn't work for us.

We could get together on the night of the 12th.

Erica's family has a tradition of getting together the night before, with us, her parents, and the spouse's parents. It's meant to be a special night to celebrate the wedding.

Also, there are things Erica & I need to do THE DAY BEFORE the wedding. They can't be done any sooner. And I have to work that day, so it makes it that evening, when I get off work (before we head over to Erica's parents).

So how about the 12th?

Cambrie said...

might could come up with buff depending on when she is coming up. Buff?

Christa said...

I think Benjamin would like the pinata better this year (it was 2 years ago that we tried it), but we don't have to do one just for him. I'll bet Jacob would think it was funny if we do do one.

I'm not sure what kind of activity you want-- would the Nativity count as one? We'll do that if it's the kind of thing you had in mind.

How many people can be there? Mom, Dad-- are you going to this thing Chad is talking about? Should we plan to be with Dastrups that night? Brett? Buff? Can you be there?

Kim said...

We'll have to move the traditional dinner with the Kruegers to another date. With family coming into town for just a day or two, it's not a good time to leave everyone alone at home to do such a dinner. Could we move it a day or so earlier? I think the white elephant would be great. You guys do all the gift exchanges you want, but nobody is getting a real Christmas gift from me until Christmas. It's a special day and I want to to remain that way.