Saturday, October 27, 2007

You know you are tierd when:
1. you put your pants on backwards
2. you pull a plate out of the cupboard to put your cereal on (instead of a bowl)
3. you pick up the curling iron by the hot end. ouch.

I must be tierd today. Poor little danthony wakes up hourly (at least) and wants to be turned/repositioned.

Last night we had a huge ol' halloween party for the dental students and the ward at our house. Pictures to follow when I get around to it. It was a success once again.


Christa said...

Glad that you are still able to throw parties and have a normal life even with your extra addition. You are more ambitious than I will ever be. I don't envy your job! Are Kiera and Danthony still enjoying each other?

Cambrie said...

yep-- they like eachother a lot.

Marilyn said...

Cute pictures. Course Kiera was the cutest!

Stevo said...

you also know when you're tired when you spell tired really tierd like