Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cell phone fraud warning:

Don't let anyone ever get the ESN # off of your phone or your phone's paperwork. If they do they can connect their own phone bills to you and your account. I learned this the hard way today. BLAAAA


Kim said...

I have no idea what an ESN# is so it would be hard for me to protect. :-) I take it you had this happen to you.

Chad said...

Umm.. Is this your cell phone? Do I need to talk to the phone company? If so, give me the details.

Cambrie said...

No worries Chad, It was my sprint phone. I was trying to sell it on craigslist(we are currently sellling all of our worldly possesions). I actually had someone buy it from me but he discovered that it had been flagged for fraud when he tried to activate it. I investigated and found out that some dude that I had given my ESN # to had stole it.
TDad- the ESN is the number behind your phone's battery and in your instruction manual.