Wednesday, October 03, 2007

So I've wanted to sleep on the pool in my inflatable boat for a long time now, and had never tried it . . . that is until Monday night came around. As I don't have school on Tuesday mornings generally, I decided to try it. It was comfortable. I had sheets and a pillow and blankets. I hadn't been there very long when 12:45 AM happened. The gate opened. "Hello?" I ignored it. "Hey . . . you need to leave the pool." I sat up, and said, "You're just jealous you're not in here." "Yeah, I'm sorry, but you need to go." "Why?" "You're not allowed to be in the pool past midnight. Sorry." I looked at my accusers pretending to be more asleep than I was, and said "I'm not in the pool. I'm above the pool!" My accusers laughed, and finally left me. And I got a good sleep in my bed. At least I tried.

As a side note, we did our first "real" saline shots today in class -- to each other. Subq and Intramuscular. For some reason, it didn't get to my nerves like it did other people. Go figure.


Kim said...

I like sleeping on the water in a boat, but probably a little bigger cruise ship than you use. Being gently rocked to sleep is nice. So you have a little more salt in you than most people eh?

Cambrie said...

So you slept there all night long? Cool.

Gotta love nursing school.

Brett said...

No, I didn't sleep there all night long, sadly. I slept in the bed. The normal one.