Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yeah. So here we are in Not so Sunny California. Lots of humidity and pollution. Haven't seen the sun yet. Still, while Kiera and Cambrie slept in this morning Kim and I went for a walk. Guess what? We got to savenge the neighbors windfalls off of their pomegranite tree and eat em for breakfast!! It was lots of fun and very tasty! The neighbors also have grapefruit, Limes, Lemons, dates? and fruits we couldn't quite tell what they were. Maybe passion fruit? Boy, the gardener in me enjoys the extrememly diverse vegetation down here. ...and I don't ever want to live here, but, if I did...it wouldn't take me long to get some fruit producing trees planted.
One thing is for sure: California in general has much more interesting landscaping than Utah does. But on our walk this morning we didn't see one single Halloween decoration. You wouldn't ever know it was in 2 weeks by looking around. About a 10 minute lazy walk from here there are homes that are probably worth $2,000,000.00. Crazy!

Kiera had her first "sleepover" last night. She got to sleep with mommy and daddy. She was up probably every 15 minutes all night the night before, so poor Cambrie needed more sleep, and Kiera had another rough night last night, but she was a little easier to deal with in bed, than the night before when Cambrie kept trying to get her comforted and back to bed in her own bed. Poor little lady, still has a fever. But at least she doesn't have to get strapped into a carseat while miserable all day today. Fever continues...but she is happier today than yesterday.


Christa said...

Pomegranites sound yummy! I hope little Kiera gets better soon!

Erica said...

I LOVE the vegetation in California! Someday if I ever live where I can have an avocado tree, I'm going to!