Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's getting a bit easiser to function around here. We are getting in our groove I guess. Little Kiera has decided that danthony is acceptable and

is actually a little easier to care for since now she doesn't feel like she needs to be constantly at my heals. She enjoys sitting close to danthony to play. Kiera always feels the need to give him big slobbery open-mouth kisses whenever she sees him (in the morning or after naps) and she sometimes does it right on his mouth or runny nose. yuck! watch for videos on youtube coming soon.

California has an orange glow in the air. I walk outside and I feel like i'm standing 5 feet from a campfire downwind. The entire state of smells like campfire and the air is un-naturally hot. Yuck. We stay inside as much as possible.


Christa said...

He's cute but looks very hefty alright! Is he sleeping any better? How long has he been in those casts?

Marilyn said...

Nice that Kiera is kissing him rather than scratching his eyes out. Toddlers and babies are known to do that. But, yeah, I would rather avoid those kind of kisses for him too!
Your going to have to watch that girl when she's 16!

Marilyn said...

I predict you have a hard time letting him go when you do...But if you are loving the little guy as he needs to be (and I am sure you are) after what he has been through, then it is going to be hard to let him go.

Kim said...

See my comments under your previous "we got him, busy busy busy" post.