Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ok folks....'tis the holiday shopping season. I wanna see some entries on the wishlist (over <-- there on the menu). Otherwise you're getting electric socks. We arrived in Loma Linda yesterday about 5pm. We stopped in St. George for some Cafe Rio. Mom & Cambrie liked it...I ordered a tostada. I got a little bit of pork covered with this huge salad. If I had wanted salad I would have ordered salad. Kiera was sick all the way here...she wasn't a happy doobie. She had (and still has) a fever and didn't appreciate the ride one bit. She was SO glad to be home in her own environment...she just crawled around the house checking it out as fast as she could. She's a cute kid. Cambrie's house is nice in a nice area.

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